Affiliated enterprises

Xinjiang Swan Carbon Black Co., Ltd.

  Founded in March 12, 2009 and located on the No.217 National Highway (1,012km), Kucha County, Xinjiang Swan Carbon Black Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by Xinjiang Wuzhou Group and Huadong. The project has a designed output of 40,000 tons of wet-process carbon black and a total investment of 115.39 million yuan. With domestic advanced new carbon black technology, and oil/gas route wet-process hard carbon black devices, Huadong has met international standards in terms of product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection and devices.  
  Company type: the first phase project was completed in December 2009. The construction of the project will not only fully develop and utilize rich coking derived resources in Aksu and neighboring areas, but also forcefully promote the sustainable development of the circular economy of the coal coking industry.
  The project is the matched project of the 2nd phase project of Kucha Tianyuan Coal Coking Co., Ltd. It not only gives full play to the crude oil and coal gas resource advantages, but also serves as a good measure to prevent pollution in the coking industry. Compared with similar carbon black enterprises, the company boasts unparalleled advantages in circular economy and scale efficiency, as well as a broad market.

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