Carbon black

Carbon black

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Carbon black

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Carbon black is a kind of amorphous carbon. It is a light, loose and extremely fine black powder with a very large surface area, ranging from 10 to 3000m2/G. It is a product of carbon-containing substances (coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.) that are not completely burned or decomposed by heat under insufficient air conditions.Those made of natural gas are called "gas black”, those made of oil are called “lamp black”, and those made of acetylene are called “acetylene black”.In addition, there are “trough black” and “furnace black”.According to the performance of carbon black, there are “reinforcing carbon black”, “conductive carbon black”, “wear-resistant carbon black” and so on.It can be used as a black dye, used in the manufacture of Chinese ink, ink, paint, etc., and also used as a rubber reinforcing agent.
Shandong Huadong Rubber Materials Co., Ltd. produces 6 series and more than a dozen varieties of high-quality carbon black; N115 can be provided、121、134、220、234、236、330、339、347、351、375、550、660、 774 and other varieties.



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